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My Mantra ~ Making Lives Easier

If I can simplify something in your life or in your workplace, then I’ve achieved my objective.

Imagine taking a whole new direction in life because you dared to listen to that inner voice saying

‘Do what lights you up ~ what you’re passionate about’

Cert IV Training & Assessment

With a background in children’s dentistry, life took a completely different direction in my 50’s. At 55 I wrote What we’re Wheelie Like looking at disability, diversity and inclusion. This led me into Public Speaking, telling the stories behind what I wrote.  Somehow I also morphed into a Mindset Mentor.

In my 60’s I wrote:

  • 5 Easy Ways to Solve the Aged Care Puzzle (after nearly going nuts trying to navigate the complex Aged Care process)
  • Unscrambling Grief (our story of surviving losing two children, emerging happy and ready to embrace life again)
  • The Magic of Setting Your Intentions (How a laser focus and inspired action can bring Dream to Reality)
  • When Life is Downside Up – Look for the Silver Lining (my attempt to find the positive in life when the pandemic was decimating people’s spirits)

I’ve been happily married to Ron for decades and we have two adult children. We enjoy travel, especially to Europe where I love speaking German, my favourite subject in high school. We’ve been Airbnb Superhosts and I write questions for Quiz Nights, running them as fundraisers.

For fun and creativity, I arrange flowers, ride my bike, play the ukelele and have even been seen driving in a Demolition Derby.

Don’t let the silver hair fool you ~  I’m a mixed bag of skills and interests.

Making Lives Easier

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