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My Mantra ~ Making Lives Easier

If I can simplify something in your life or in your workplace, then I’ve achieved my objective.

Imagine taking a whole new direction in life because you dared to listen to that inner voice saying

‘Do what lights you up ~ what you’re passionate about’

Cert IV Training & Assessment

With a background in children’s dentistry, life took a completely different direction in my middle years. At 55 I wrote What we’re Wheelie Like on disability, difference and inclusion. I began public speaking on the stories behind what I write and I became a Mindset Mentor. By 60 I’d written 5 Easy Ways to Solve the Aged Care Puzzle and Unscrambling Grief followed by The Magic of Setting Your Intentions and When Life is Downside Up – Look for the Silver Lining.

I’ve been happily married for decades with two adult children. My husband and I enjoy travel, especially to Europe where I enjoy speaking German, my favourite subject in high school. We are Airbnb hosts and I write questions for Quiz Nights and run them as fundraisers from time to time. For fun and creativity, I arrange flowers, make cards and play the ukelele, so you see, I’m a mixed bag of skills and interests.

Making Lives Easier

Please feel free to ask any questions about my Books, Workshops, Mindset Mentoring or Aged Care facilitation. I am always happy to help.