Is there an overlap between Aged Care and Positive Mindset?

A fleeting glance would say ‘No!’


I’m Gail Ruth Miller and I wear several hats, but my two passions are:

  • Making things easier for people with Aged Care issues and the families who are helping them
  • Teaching people to become aware of their Thoughts and Words – especially what they say both to and about themselves. Getting this right will create a Positive Mindset.

Because of the overlap between these subjects I get to work with both passions.


Enter Stage Left…

I’d like to introduce Peter Nicholls – an octogenarian, a gentleman, a Public Speaker and a Life Mentor.

Peter takes care of all his own business affairs. He likes to be organised which is why two years ago he engaged me to do an Aged Care Consultation. We looked at his current situation, which involved some temporary, but challenging mobility issues.

With no other major issues, I guided Peter through how to register for My Aged Care. Literally nothing happens in Australia in the Aged Care space until a person over 65 is registered with My Aged Care.

We discussed all the in’s and outs of why a Will, Power of Attorney and Advanced Care Directive are important. We then explored a host of other issues. All the while Peter wore his signature smile, viewing everything with optimism.


What Makes Peter Different?

Peter has been retired for a number of years, yet he has such a zest for life that he channels his time and attention into running programmes for retirees.

We all have interests, passions and talents that light out fire when we’re engrossed in them.

Through working with clients in this arena, Peter has a purpose in life – a great reason to get out of bed each morning. He is constantly making deposits of positive energy into the world energy bank. His Positive Mindset is actually infectious!

Because he works in his genius, Peter is ageing more slowly. People are amazed when he reveals his age. He’s constantly being told that he looks years younger. I have to agree with this observation.



Back to the Overlap Between Aged Care and Positive Mindset

Along with my Aged Care Explained business, I teach a programme You Are What You Think & Say. Through face-to-face workshops and online workshops, I encourage people to become aware of their thoughts and the impact they will have on their lives.

More importantly, the words we speak, particularly about ourselves, become our reality.

Sadly, I’ve spent time with many older people who pour out hurtful and derogatory comments about themselves from sunrise to sunset. Because I’ve spent years changing my own mindset, I can’t sit by and listen to people belittle or deride themselves.

“I’m hopeless.” “I can’t remember anything.” “I’m so clumsy.” Guess what – You Become what you Say.

I listen, then wearing my Mindset hat, I ask a question or two.

I ask the person to ponder whether they could view what they said differently. The result is that they always can. Then, we explore what the new thoughts and words will be. We always find a more positive way to look at what they said.


Spending Time with Peter



Spending time with Peter I heard just the opposite. He spoke positively and encouragingly about himself and others. It’s his default setting.

Did this happen by accident? No. Peter has fed his mind with Positive Mindset input. What he reads, what he watches, who he spends time with, all feed his mind and also his soul.

It’s this input that allows a man in his 80’s to exude positive energy and an enviable zest for life.

No matter what health issues have challenged Peter, he always chooses to look for the positive. As a result, he’s one of the most energising people with whom I’ve spent time. Take a look at what he’s up to


Aged Care Consultations

During an Aged Care Consultation, older people will often deride themselves for something. When this happens I gently reword what they said to place a more positive spin on it. Immediately I see a change in their demeanour.

I take every opportunity to remove their stress and will give them calming techniques.



Following my mantra of Making Lives Easier, it seems that thoughts and techniques from my You Are What You Think & Say course seem to filter into our consultations.


A Great Compliment

I was paid a great compliment at a consultation recently. The wife of a client with a new dementia diagnosis said to me,

“Thank you so much for what you said on the phone when I booked for a consultation.”

“What did I say?” I asked. “Your parting words were, ‘Remember to breathe.’

That was a life-saver to me that day. Thank you so much.”

When something like this happens, I am excited!

In Conclusion

Over time, I find that my two businesses – Aged Care Explained and You Are What You Think & Say – have much more overlap that I ever realised!

I thank Peter Nicholls for his positive example in how to age meaningfully. Also, I’m very grateful that I am able to share his story with you all.

Therefore, I suggest that we all take a look at our own barometer to check how we can become the best version of ourselves, as we age. We may then be able to influence others with an infectious positivity.

Positive Mindset and Aged Care are definitely related.