An Oasis In Our City

How many capital cities in the world can make this claim? ‘We have An Oasis in Our City.’ On the southern edge of the City of Adelaide is the most wonderful place of serenity and tranquility.

The Himeji Gardens is bordered by a bamboo fence and oriental shrubbery.

But it’s not the bamboo screens, ponds, trickling fountains and raked gravel patterns alone that move me.

In addition it’s the gentleness, the ambience, the entire Feng Shui that transport me to another realm.

They’re a veritable oasis in our city, in which I drift effortlessly into another world.

What’s with Feng Shui?

Many believe that Feng Shui relates to homes, buildings and placement of plants and furniture.

However, I believe that it’s even more important the way Feng Shui affects the mind. Do you ever go to places where people and rooms are prickly? Often, with just a cursory glance, one can see the cause.

The room may be cluttered with mess that spoils the atmosphere upon entering. Conversely, you may overhear an unsavoury remark that sours the mood.

Mental Feng Shui is just as important as physical, so find an Oasis in your city that will waft you to another realm. Grasp this realm with both hands and make it your place of sanctuary.

A place of serenity and respite …

Our Himeji Gardens is a place of serenity, simplicity and awe. I’d even say it’s my place of respite. The serenity actually seeps into my pores as I soak in the surroundings.

In such surroundings, the traffic noises on the other side of the bamboo screen literally vanish.

Recently I spoke to a legal practice in the city. Afterwards I grabbed a coffee and wandered into my place of solitude. Here in this place I found a bench and began to relax.

In no time, my mind had wandered to another world.

Meanwhile, sitting upon a rock sunning itself was an elegant, long-necked tortoise. However, I’d moved to my own memories of Willotonus, my reptilian friend over many years.

Tortoise quietly sunning himself in the tranquil gardens

How much quiet can I absorb?

Here in my sacred place, I felt a deep appreciation. ‘How fortunate I am to live in a city of such beauty and safety. Plus the wide open spaces and unequalled tranquility,’ I thought.

Bursting with gratitude, I wandered back to my car, appreciating the time of respite in the Oasis in Our City. 

Finally, on leaving my visit to The Himeji Gardens again, I realised I’m one of the most blessed people alive.

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Adelaide Himeji Gardens