Teacher’s Resource kit (PDF)




Teacher’s Resource book is available as an instant download

  • 5 weeks of pre-planned lessons ~ ready for use with your students ~ already used in Germany to teach English language ESL
  • Each lesson has an activity and worksheet (Junior Primary/Elementary)
  • Upper Primary/Elementary lessons with enquiry based learning ~ multiple ideas for activities, projects, investigations (see more below) Extra Activities ~ What am I? ~ Crossword ~ Word Searches
  • Links to curriculum ~ Health & Physical Education
    ~ Society & Environment
    ~ School Counselling support
    ~ Peer Support Programs
    ~ Anti-Bullying Education
  • Although there are references to pages in the ‘What we’re Wheelie like’ hard cover book, this resource book can be used as a ‘stand-alone’ product, which you can download and bind yourself.
  • Many schools have commented that ‘it’s a much needed, up-to-date resource.’
  • If your budget is stretched and it’s not possible to purchase the whole kit, the PDF format may be a more affordable way to introduce the resource to your students, without creating a financial burden
  • Let’s see what I already know (assessing prior knowledge)
  • Let’s investigate (using Question Walls, Internet and You Tube research)
  • Let’s sort this information out
  • Let’s explore – I want to know more
  • Let’s ponder – what have I learnt that I didn’t know before?