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Wearing my Speaking Hat I enjoy presenting to workplaces and in a workshop setting on a range of subjects designed to encourage the audience to follow their passions, to make good choices about what life throws at them and to think about what they allow into their minds and the impact that may have.

Too Hard Basket :

  • Disability and Diversity – Celebrating Diversity
  • Life Happens – Dealing with the Tough Stuff
  • Aged Care Explained – Simplifying Aged Care Issues

On the Lighter Side:

  • Come Alive at 55 – Celebrating Maturity
  • The Magic of Setting your Intentions – How a Laser Focus may Change the Outcomes

Workshop Facilitator

As a workshop facilitator I’m able to adjust my programs to suit a particular workplace environment or for a personal setting. I am able to cover a broad range of topics including my Power Programs for Business, You are What You Think and Say and Aged Care Explained. My workshops are engaging and packed full of information and strategies that can be implemented straight away with simple changes that can make a difference to your workplace and/or home.

Public Workshops

You Are What You Think & Say – 180 minute workshop – this workshop is designed for you to develop awareness of the impact of how you speak to yourself. Learn some take home strategies to help calm your mind and boost your confidence.

Aged Care Explained – 90 minute or 180 minute workshop – this workshop helps you to locate the resources and professionals required to successfully navigate aged care for your loved one.

Power Programs for Business

New to my repertoire are Power Programs for Business:
Check the Barometer in your Workplace …

Let me enthuse your workplace by looking at what we can do and focusing on the part our mind plays in achieving our objectives.

In 4 different programs we explore:

You Are What You Think & SayThe Power of the Mind and our Words

What we allow into our heads impacts thoughts, behaviour, our outlook and ultimately, productivity. Ever thought about the way you speak to yourself? We become a product of the thoughts in our minds and the words we speak. Feed your brain on new, more edifying input and watch it transform through neuroplasticity, developing better ways of thinking and behaving. Learn some take-home strategies for developing awareness, calming the mind and boosting self-esteem and confidence.

Dealing with DiversityBeing Comfortable with Diversity

Everyone brings their own physical, emotional and energetic force to the workplace. How we interact with others who are different to ourselves will impact both their happiness and our own. Learn about simple changes that can make a vast difference.

Life HappensDealing with the Tough Stuff

Grief comes in a multitude of packages, most of which don’t relate to death. Unresolved grief can lead to depression, distraction, discord, dependence and disillusionment. Learn how to drop the ‘I’m coping’ mask and develop strategies to move forward to a better place.

Aged Care ExplainedSimplifying Aged Care Issues

This seemingly unrelated topic is creating very costly distractions in the workplace, with parents phoning and constantly demanding attention during work time and staff searching the internet at work for an Aged Care Home vacancy because the hospital needs the bed! Learn about the professionals who can do the entire process, allowing your staff to become more attentive and productive at work.

What qualifies me to run Power Programs?

Through dealing with life’s unexpected curveballs and navigating many types of challenges, I have a lot of experience to share to help make others’ lives easier. Being able to successfully navigate these challenges depends on the choices we make.

I’ve lived in a home with disability after Mum lost a leg in a car accident in 1974 and more recently, she became a paraplegic after surgery didn’t go as planned. I understand what it’s like when people stare or talk about someone just because they’re different (Relates to Dealing with Diversity program).

Unscrambling Grief takes you on the roller-coaster ride of emotions, as we found out when we lost two children. Regardless of what causes the grief, there can be light at the end of the tunnel if we choose to see it (Relates to Life Happens program).

When my mother-in-law needed our emotional support, I was tearing my hair out filling in paperwork for that illusive Aged Care Home vacancy! After we had her safely and happily settled in a wonderful home, I discovered that professionals could have helped me. Why had no one told me about them? Perhaps because, like me, they didn’t know they existed. I interviewed them and wrote a book to make the lives of others easier (Relates to 5 Easy Ways to Solve the Aged Care Puzzle).

Work With Gail

I’m here to make lives easier, to help people navigate life’s curveballs, to assist mindset change and to work with families to achieve the best possible outcomes for their elders Aged Care needs.

My Programs, Workshops and Services can be adjusted to suit your specific needs. Please feel free to reach out to discuss how I can help.

Email: gail@gailruthmiller.com