I’m Not A Dare Devil

As a child Dad took my siblings and I to the speedway, only on Demolition Derby night. My sister, brother and I absolutely loved watching cars deliberately annihilating each other.

It was at the speedway that I was introduced to Chicko Rolls – not healthy, but a rare treat.

As I grew up I was a rules girl, seldom stepping outside what was respectable or allowable. I wouldn’t cross the road unless the little green man on the pedestrian light gave me permission. Seldom do I exceed the speed limit and on the odd occasion that I realise I’m a couple of km’s over, I throttle back immediately.

Paying a speeding fine seems like a needless way to part with money when I could spend it on a coffee in Bavaria!

Each year when the Royal Adelaide Show came around, I’d opt for a ride on the Dodgem cars. The fast rides held no interest for me, but the bumping and bopping did.

Whatever Made You Do It?

In 2019 my husband, Ron, saw a Demolition Derby advertised at Murray Bridge Speedway. We enjoyed a night of random thrills, spills, bumps, crunches and total mayhem.

At the end of the Derby I made a flippant, throwaway comment, “I’d love to do that.” Ron looked at me sideways and asked, “Are you serious?” “I’m deadly serious. That would be so much fun,” I said. “Then let’s do it,” he replied.

In thinking about this adventure, I realised my Comfort Zone was about to be seriously challenged. With no speedway experience, I didn’t think about the safety aspects of the derby. I also didn’t understand the type of protective gear I’d be required to acquire. The list was comprehensive. I picked up the last item, a neck brace, on the way to the derby, from a friend who lives near the country speedway.

Life Is To Be Lived

At 64 I’m around two-thirds of the way through my life, so it’s time to embrace challenges. I’m not into the idea of a Bucket List, but rather a Life’s To Do List. That has a more positive ring to it.

A Demolition Derby was never on my list, but for Ron and I it seemed like such an adventure that we grasped the idea with both hands. Ron has a background in  mechanical engineering and before we met had built his own race car. The Demo Derby gave him the opportunity to put his mechanical skills to work.

With our aircraft engineer son’s help, the car was gutted, refitted with crush-proof reinforcing. Even as I type this blog, I realise just how far outside my Comfort Zone I had to step.

Rolling the car hadn’t occurred to me. the day before the race, Ron said, ‘If the car rolls, don’t take your seatbelt off or you’ll land on your head.’ I sure had a lot to learn about my upcoming event.

If I choose, I can coast through life doing the expected. I can do the predictable, ending up in Aged Care wearing my pearls and twin set. That’s fine if I’d find that a fulfilling chapter of my life.

For me, I love to learn new things and take on new challenges. I’m also prepared to step outside the norm. I’m not happy to let age define what I can and can’t do. Stepping outside my comfort zone adds zest to my life.

As I sat in my disabled car after 15 minutes on the track, my Comfort Zone was challenged. I waited for cars to hit me. I sat there giving gratitude for the safety features built into my car.

A Unique Way To Advertise

After I wrote 5 Easy Ways to Solve the Aged Care Puzzle several years ago, people began telling me of the dramas of their ageing parents. My Aged Care Explained business was born out a need. I’m the missing link between confused families and where the best aged care help can be found – quickly.

Again, a Comfort Zone challenge for me to meet! I created a business model that would relieve the stress for the confused families.

With our Demo Derby in view, it seemed I had the chance to advertise on wheels. Hence, painting the car in my business colours and plastering the car with my branding logo and my mantra.

Where To From Here?

With such a fun event under my belt, I plan to continue taking opportunities to step outside my Comfort Zone.

Mary Morrissey, International Influencer asks, “When you have a dream, does it require that you grow?” If I answer ‘Yes’ to that question, then it aligns with one of my core values.

I challenge you to step outside your Comfort Zone from time to time and see how fulfilling it truly is!