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Age Care Explained

When you are busy with life and all its commitments and you have an elderly relative who is declining, trying to navigate the Aged Care system can be a nightmare.

You may ask

How do I decide what, if any, care my relative requires?

What is best for them?

These are valid and important questions and trying to find answers can be stressful on you and your family. Professionals can sort everything for you, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all and the Aged Care admission process can be daunting if you don’t know where to start.

Simplifying Aged Care workshops

How I Help

Firstly, we set up a 90 minute consultation where I listen. Fully understanding your current situation allows me to assess your needs in order of urgency, then assign a series of Action Steps to get you started.

I then act as a liaison between you and the professional/s by introducing you to the right person for your particular needs, connecting you with the best help for a speedy resolution.

Whether your need is In-Home services or Residential Aged Care, I’ll get you started on the right track..

Booking a consultation today will relieve the stress of not knowing where to start.

Helping families globally with elderly relatives anywhere in Australia – Zoom allows us to include family who are in remote locations.

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What’s Puzzling People?

Everyone’s situation is unique, however there are many recurring  issues:

  • Registering with My Aged Care – Different assessments
  • Sell the Family Home – Yes or No?
  • In-Home Services vs Residential Aged Care
  • Where’s the best Aged Care Home?
  • Aged Care application process & dealing with Centrelink
  • Carer Burnout
  • Sorting the Will, Power of Attorney, Advanced Care Directive


If any of this sounds familiar, an Aged Care Consultation or attending a Workshop may be just what you need to reduce the stress.

With an introduction to the right professional/s, you won’t need to learn a complex process you may only require once.

This will leave you free to provide the emotional support your relative needs right now.

What Our Clients Say

What Others Say ...

We are all very appreciative of your help in getting us kick-started and on the right track.  It certainly is not a simple process, and you helped us to come up to speed much more quickly than would have been the case otherwise.

Andy Gabell    PERTH, WA

We each agreed that your visit (and your personal approach) was special for all of us and for our current situation and that it gives us much extra hope and resolve in our quest for Kirsten’s improved health and therefore her life improvement.  

Garry King (Whites Valley)

When our father was dying, the nursing home supplied a Palliative Care Comfort Box which included a copy of “Unscrambling Grief” by Gail Miller.


As a family we found this book of great comfort and guidance during our last precious moments with our father and in the time since.


I hope all nursing homes implement such a heartfelt and supportive initiative.


Thank you for gifting us with the ability to unscramble our grief and support each other.


Estellé, Adelaide, Australia

It was frustrating having to work our way through “the system” and even to understand part of “the system.”

The meeting with you over coffee answered many of our questions, and the tips you gave us around how to handle it all made it so much more manageable.

I could sum it up this way … be prepared to learn by trial and error, or sit down with some one who has the knowledge and skill and understands how to work within the system!

I’m sure glad we chose the latter.

Thanks again …
P & S, Southern Adelaide, SA

I want people to buy your book as it’s so helpful and full of really valuable information.

What you are doing for our community is so valuable, so keep doing what you’re doing and know you are touching so many lives in a very meaningful and practical way.

HW from Mt Barker, South Australia       (help was for my parents in Canberra)

Work With Gail

My mantra is ~ Making Lives Easier ~

My passion is:

  • Working with families to achieve the best possible Aged Care outcomes so that both Choice and Quality of Life remain paramount.

My Programs, Workshops and Services can be adjusted to suit your specific needs (personal or for business). Please feel free to reach out to discuss how I can help.