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Gail Ruth Miller

Hi, I’m Gail and my mantra is Making Lives Easier – If I can simplify something in your life or in your workplace, then I’ve achieved my objective. Life can sometimes throw unexpected curve balls at home or at work.

How we navigate these challenges depends on the choices we make. Choices can be made much easier when you have plenty of information at hand and this is where I come in.

Through many different life experiences, I help make other people’s lives easier through Simplifying Aged Care issues, by addressing grief and diversity in my books and facilitating varied workshops.

What I Do

Through my life experiences I’ve developed the skills to guide both individuals and groups through some challenging, varied and mind-expanding topics.

My focus is on empowering and encouraging people through my Books, Public Speaking, Workshops and Aged Care Consultations to enable them to make informed decisions, leading to superior outcomes.

With the opportunity to assist families globally, via Zoom, as an Aged Care Consultant, I’m able to simplify the Aged Care process for their elderly relatives anywhere in Australia.

Making Lives Easier

Any questions about my:

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I'm always happy to help ...

What Our Clients Say

"Our community members are continually coming to us requesting information on how to navigate aged care, services and grief. Councils across Australia are recognising their increasing role in providing information, advocacy and referral. Gail presents in a personable and knowledgeable way and can refer others to information and professionals she knows and trusts."

Alyssa Hill
Active Ageing Project Officer City of Unley

"Thank you so much for writing the Aged Care book – 5 Easy Ways to Solve the Aged Care Puzzle. You were so helpful in pointing me in the right direction regarding my aged parents … at the Residential Care phase of their life. You suggested we employ a person who could help us to navigate the whole thing ... and we did! She has been amazing and I can’t thank you enough for your recommendation."

HW from Mt Barker, South Australia
(help was for my parents in Canberra)

"Gail’s presentation on behalf of the Marion Library Service on the Aged Care process as outlined in her book ‘5 Easy Ways to Solve the Aged Care Puzzle’ was informative and professional. It enabled our community to access information that many of them were unaware of and help them find resources to assist them in helping their loved ones enter the Aged Care system."

Tracey Noah
Adult Programs Support Officer – Libraries | City of Marion

"Your professional speaking style and gentle manner was perfect for our audience."

Library Officer, City of Holdfast Bay


"Gail Miller is a brilliant story teller. Her manner is engaging and the delivery is professional, well-paced and targeted perfectly. Gail’s recent author talk at Burnside Library was a complete success. She shared a personal journey together with some of her resilience tools that left the audience feeling motivated and empowered; A lovely way to celebrate National Seniors Day."

Kate Sautner
Coordinator Community Learning, City of Burnside