2020 held such promise as the start of a new and exciting decade. Instead, it will go down in historical memory as the year that unravelled the entire world in what is now starting to feel like slow motion.

What began with gusto is now looking like it may be an ongoing chronic irritation of the planet with a slow recovery time.

When faced with a dilemma over which we have no control, we always have a choice as to how we respond. How we choose to respond to our current topsy turvy world will determine how we move forward and what degree of satisfaction, calm, contentment and purpose we will carry into whatever we create as our New, Next or Evolving Normal.

Everyone seems to have their own term for this new phase.

As an adult I went for my first ride on the Mad Mouse at the Royal Adelaide Show. It was beyond a doubt the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. It made the Tower of Terror in Queensland seem like kindergarten stuff!

Life is an adventurous roller coaster ride, so hang on and enjoy the journey as best you can. As with all rides, they will end. Along the way, there may be excitement, exhilaration and anticipation, along with fear and possibly, absolute terror. The cortisol rush may take its toll.

The sun will shine again …

But hold on tight, keep breathing and remember that every ride comes to an end eventually! In time, the calm will return, your pulse rate will slow and the sun will shine again. So breathe and be aware of what’s going through your mind. Make room for some gratitude.

This is a journey, not a destination …

We learn from every journey … What we like and What we don’t like. What to hold onto and What to let go of. What’s important to us. How we would handle things differently on our next journey.

What I’ve learnt …

When my world of speaking was turned upside down, I assessed what was important to me and what I could do that would be of service to others whilst my regular activities were not an option.

My mantra is ~ Making Lives Easier ~ so it seemed to me that the logical way to spend my time in lockdown would be to write a book to encourage people who are feeling forlorn seeing their world, their routines and life as they knew it morphing into something they’d never experienced.

When Life Is Downside Up ~ Look For The Silver Lining has been available for a while now and I post about it from time to time, not to bombard people, but so that it might appear at just the right time for you, a friend, a family member or a colleague, when it’s most needed.

Everyone is at a different stage of CoVID uneasiness, so if you know someone who’s struggling, send this blog their way to remind them that we’re all experiencing something on this journey and sometimes ‘It’s Ok to be feeling Not Ok,’ as Piglet said to Pooh.

And for those who are seriously challenged by what they are feeling, know it’s ok to reach out to a help-line or the right professional.

Those of us who like to have a tight hold on the reins are having to learn to loosen our grip and accept that this is a time of enormous change.

Whilst we await a return to some semblance of normality, let’s be creative about where we put our time and our mental energy.

Take care on the journey.