Unscrambling Grief – Your Story – Your Way




Death is only one reason why we may grieve. Tough stuff happens, however we get to choose how we respond to what life throws at us.

Unscrambling Grief is a book of hope


Unscrambling Grief is the story of our sojourn through losing two daughters. It describes all the emotions that we experienced along the path and gives the reader permission to walk their journey in their own unique way, as we did.

This book highlights that grief can result from a multitude of sources, including business failure, a friend moving away, infertility, death of a pet, loss of a limb, having your driving licence revoked and many more.

It’s designed to remove the notion that grieving must follow a set process in a designated time frame and will also highlight the fact that it’s possible to emerge somewhere along the journey, as a happy and well-adjusted person, again ready to make a valuable contribution to the world.

It takes just over an hour to read, so is a manageable size for a reader in the midst of their own grief situation. Illustrations that lighten the mood, help to expose the absurdity of a situation or the craziness of some of the comments that people unwittingly make.

A compiled list near the end of the book refers to the chapters in which particular emotions are found, so that the reader can re-read those sections when needing reassurance that their current emotion is valid and ok to be experiencing.

The book concludes with a number of stories about grief experienced by others, enhancing the validity of the emotions expressed.

Welcome to Our journey…

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