What we’re Wheelie Like




What we’re Wheelie Like … is an illustrated book, containing a message for all ages and written in a style to stimulate discussion on tolerance, diversity, social inclusion, disability, difference …

If someone has diabetes, a peanut allergy or coeliac disease, we can’t see their disorder, so we treat them like everyone else.

Just because we can see a wheelchair, is the person sitting in it really any different to you and me?

They like to go to parties, wear nice clothes and have fun, just like us. They’re vibrant, exciting, capable and intelligent people, who never have to find a seat at a function, because they bring their own chair!

Peep inside ‘What we’re Wheelie Like…’ and you’ll find that people in wheelchairs are regular people with the same feelings as us, they just happen to live their lives sitting down.

(I’ve used wheelchairs to illustrate a point, but ‘What we’re Wheelie Like…’ can relate to any difference ~ colour, language, religion, culture etc)

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